What Is TOP Doing

Shenzhen Top Communications Limited's e-long brand mobile power has become a national brand of CCTV. Company is involved in developing standard national mobile power units. Under the factory has more than 6000 square meters of production workshop, six SMT production lines. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, safety and reliability, the production of materials by international brands Supplying, after twenty-eight quality testing, some products have been patented. For nine years, e-long pursuit has been to provide the most reliable, top quality, long life cycle of products and services to win consumers.   e-long free design can be based on customer demand, proofing, tailor-made, ready customers and industry peers and sincere cooperation, provide us with the best quality products and the best service for the global mobile power markets.   Future e-long, will continue along a more professional and more excellent quality, service pursuit to become the industry's leading mobile power national brands.

LUYEE green 'Introduction      Li Jia Yuan Technology (HK) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing enterprises. Independent research and development designed to meet the consumer demand for outdoor sports products, professional sales team.      S "LUYEE green" brand, the product through CE \ FCC \ ROHS and other international certification. Zhugong Hong Kong, Europe, South Korea and other countries.      "LUYEE green" to meet the Chinese mainland numerous high-grade consumer demand, the series has gradually succeeded in mainland China, and on October 8, 2013 Top official summarized in the company's unified operational management, the better for the country consumers easily create stylish minimalist living.

OMiRar 'Introduction   Swiss air and water purification company joint venture founded 'OMiRar',   Always keep creating,   In today's era of industrial environments,   Bring to you the breath of returning to nature,   Enjoy the natural love, and find healthy nature,   It is our pride, our constant pursuit.   Brand Message "If Shanyin, away from the Primary Afflictions, Maitreya in Ruxin life are peaceful."