Quality Assurance


User’s demand is our service, customer’s satisfaction is our success.


User’s experience is always our center.  Our aim is to let the user buy our portable power bank, USB power bank, mobile power bank, mobile power pack, mobile power charger satisfactorily and let the user use our portable power bank, USB power bank, mobile power bank, mobile power pack, mobile power charger pleasantly.


In order to guarantee all of our users the quality of our portable power bank, portable power charger, portable power supply, mobile power bank, mobile power supply, mobile power charger, Shenzhen TOP Comminucation Co., Ltd makes the following Quality Assurances:


1. ALL TOP products are agreed to be replaced within 10 days if they have any quality problem and all TOP products have a 2-year quality warranty, but except for the human usage factors and the force majeure factors.

During the warranty period, the customer doesn’t need to pay any freight cost, nor any accessory cost, nor maintenance cost.

Beyond the warranty period, the customer is required to pay the freight cost and the accessory cost and maintenance cost.


2. As soon our after-sale service department receives the maintenance products, we will immediately record the customer information into our Maintenance Register System, such as customer name, customer address, customer contact number and the main malfunction, etc., and then we will get the user/customer the After-sale Service Card.


3. For the malfunction products maintened on the spot, user/customer will confirm it with their signature on the After-sale Service Card;

For the serious malfunctions, we will guarantee to fix them up within 7 working days; or the serious-malfunction products with the sale slip can be sent to our Head Quarter for the immediate maintenance.

4. During the warranty period, the maintenance cost is totally free of charge, and TOP company will take care of all the cost;

After the warranty time, all the maintenance cost, such as the accessories cost and the mailing delivery cost, TOP company will promise to only charge the user/customer the mass-production cost for accessories and the discount delivery cost.


5. In order to strengthen and enhance a good after-sale service to our user/customer, and for training/ bringing up our customer service staff with the concept of "customer comes first" , TOP company keeps seeking our customer’s feedback systematically and step by step on the usage of our products of portable power bank, mobile power charger and on our After-sale Service, which becomes the basis for making our services improved.


After-sales Service Hotline: 400-716-2528